What industries and professions is AdminGoat for

AdminGoat is designed to help all business including professional, trades & everyone in-between with their day to day administration needs. AdminGoat gives you the ability to create your own forms and templates giving full flexibility and opportunity to all businesses to improve and streamline their businesses.

What features are included

All the features below are included as well as fast and simple setup. No need for a tech expert to help you.

  • Job Management
  • Custom Forms
  • Automation
  • Unique Client Booking
  • Recurring Jobs
  • Meeting Requests
  • Quoting
  • Variations
  • Invoicing
  • Progress Invoicing
  • (T&C) Terms & Conditions
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Accounting Integrations
  • Free SMSing
  • Emailing Integration
  • Email & SMS Templates
  • Calls
  • Navigation

Is AdminGoat an accounting system

AdminGoat is an administration application with the ability to create invoices and quotes but is not accounting software. AdminGoat, however, has the ability to download a CSV file in the format required for your accounting package for quick importing or to simply forward to your accountant and or book-keeper.

How many clients or jobs per month are included

AdminGoat doesn’t restrict the number of clients or jobs you can use in a month and we will never charge you extra. You’re free to enter in as many clients and jobs as you wish.

How many SMSes are included in a month

AdminGoat doesn’t restrict the number of SMSes you can send in a month as all SMSes are redirected to your native messaging application on your device. For this reason, SMSes will never need to cost you any extra by having to purchase credits from us. Please note that your device needs to have the ability to send messages.

Booking Links Sent To Clients

Ensuring your SMS links work on iPhone for your customers

Apple have strict security on their SMS message app, and this can stop your customers from being able to tap on the booking links AdminGoats adds to your sent SMS messages. As long as you’ve spoken to your customer on their mobile from the same mobile number which you send SMS from, the links will work. If the link doesn’t work, it usually resolves itself when the customer calls you. It’s always a good idea to add to your SMS templates “please call me if tapping this link doesn’t work”.

Can the job address be entered in by my client and then will it to be automatically displayed on the invoice/quote

When your customer enters a location for an appointment a Job Address or a location, the location the customer enters becomes the Job Address, for later convenience. If you would like the address added to your invoice or quote, please tick add a location to invoice on the settings screen.

My Templates

How do I create a new form

Go to My Templates/Forms then chose a current form that you would like to copy, press the green plus icon and then edit and add to that form.

Home page

Customer name not appearing in run sheet

A name will only appear if you entered a name on the customers details page. A name will appear ones your client has entered in their detail and have pressed send.

Why do names appear grey in the run sheet

This is because your client has not completed and acknowledged the booking (not confirmed). The name will change colour to black once the client acknowledges the booking (confirmed).

Can clients see the end time or duration for a booking

No, this is for your information only and your clients cannot see this.


Does AdminGoat have their own calendar

AdminGoat uses the native calendar on your phone or tablet and displays it in the AdminGoat (Calendar). This will minimise the need for you to have to check your personal calendar when booking your clients. For this reason, calendar is unavailable on desktop version.

Be sure to allow AdminGoat to access your calendar on setup.

What do the colours indicate in calendar

In the AdminGoat calendar, grey shows bookings made with your native calendar, red indicates bookings made in AdminGoat that have been cancelled, orange indicates bookings made in AdminGoat that are tentative, green indicate bookings made in AdminGoat that are confirmed and completed.

My AdminGoat account

What is a Licence or Association No

You may belong to licenced or association body and chose to include your membership number. This is not a mandatory field.

What is an Email Signature Legal Disclaimer

Your legal disclaimer sites at the bottom of your email signature. Simply go to your current email signature copy and paste in the allocated area. This is not a mandatory field.

Sales Account Code (From Chart Of Accounts), Leave Blank If Unsure

Sales account code is relevant to your accounting software. Your accounting software will typically have a sales code that refers to a sale of goods. If unsure if you should change this, leave this field blank.

Which Accounting Software do you use?

This will determine what format your accounting information is downloaded in when pressing Payment/Download. If you don’t have a Myob or Xero accounting package simply chose Excel.

Uploading a logo

For best results, use a file 300px wide x 150px high.

Please position your logo so that it fits within the blue rectangle. Drag to move, and pinch to zoom.


Do I need to set up my own Stripe Account? (payment gateway)

No, AdminGoat does it for you. Simply go to Settings/Stripe and fill in the information, you will need to also take a picture of your driver’s licence back and front to confirm your identification and upload as asked.

How soon do I receive funds when using Stripe

Funds paid by your customers will be deposited to your account after 2 days.

How much does Stripe charge me

A 2% transaction processing fee applies, AdminGoat as a Stripe Connect Platform only charges you what Stripes charges AdminGoat, no more. For more information, visit the following website. https://stripe.com/au/connect/pricing.

Can my customer pay on Stripe with American Express

No only Mastercard & Visa are accepted.

Once a Refund has occurred, how do I re-invoice (if the refund was made in-error)

You must create a New Job (internally: (Refund is the “Final” state).

I can't open a CSV file on my Android phone to view (Download Your Invoices)

To open Invoice Exports on your phone, you will need an app capable of opening CSV files. AdminGoat recommends Excel for Android.”

When I try to remove an invoice line item, why does “DELETED” appear

If you have already sent a quote to a Customer and they’ve seen it, they will likely have downloaded a copy. To reduce confusion in this situation, AdminGoat won’t make invoice items just disappear if you remove them, instead it will colour them in grey, zero their cost, and display “DELETED” next to them.


Can I change my direct debit card details for me AdminGoat subscription

Yes, go to Settings/My Account and update your card details.

How can I cancel a subscription

You need to email us at support@admingoat.com and request a cancellation using your username and password.

Can I use adminGoat on a IOS & Android

Yes you can, AdminGoat can be accessed on all devices IOS, Android and desktop.

For best experience on Android we recommend using a Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 & S10.

What if I have the Android and want to switch to the IOS device or vise versa

Nothing changes, just download the AdminGoat app on any device, login and start.

Can I install AdminGoat on my iPad

AdminGoat requires a device with Phone and SMS capabilities (which means you need a 4G-capable iPad to install it). WIthout these, you can still use AdminGoat on your iPad by going to the web version of the App (which will allow you to send emails).

Can I login in on more than one device

Yes you on both ios & or Android, just login and start.

Can I change my plan ones I start using AdminGoat

You can only upgrade to our Yearly Membership. Email us at support@admingoat.com and request an upgrade to using your username and password.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use AdminGoat

Yes as AdminGoat is a live application and needs to be connected at all times to the internet.